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Disaronno with Cranberry….Not Today My Friends!

October 6, 2011 by Spring Drake

You know you have seen the commercials.

Disaronno on the rocks. Disaronno with cranberry. Disaronno and Ginger Ale.

Are you making the voice as you read the words? I know I am as I write them! I will give you this, I can’t get that man’s voice out of my head whenever I think about using anything with Amaretto in it!

My Cutie-Pie mom…you remember, the one who after a single drink is lost to her bed…loves Disaronno. Which is where this recipe got it’s start.

My mom drinks her’s on the rocks…..too sweet for me! So for today’s cocktail, we skip the cranberry, and head straight for the lime.

I decided to sqeeze a bunch of lime into mine because I had some limes and no margarita to put them in. It was delicious. Sometimes I add a little club soda to bubble it up, but whatever floats your boat.

Involving wine came about one hot summer night that Tim brought home a bottle of  Texas Hills Pinot Grigio. I always try to make at least one cocktail out of any Texas wine we open, and then enjoy the rest of the bottle just as it is. And for some reason, the second I tasted this particular wine, all I could think about was the Disaronno guy and limes. And the Easy Lime Squeezie was born!

This is not a sweet drink, it’s more refreshing than anything, but like all our recipes, it will not be for everyone. Now Tim and I happen to love it, but my neighbor…not so much.

Go ahead, try one, and if it’s not for you, enjoy that lovely bottle of Texas Hills Pinot Grigio one way or another. It’s a medal winner, and a great value. While your at it, try all their wines. The owners and winery itself are a delight!

On a side note, Tim and I highly recommend, if given the chance, that you make a road trip around our great state and visit all the wineries who work tirelessly to offer one more thing Texas can be proud of! The various facilities are breathtaking to say the least, and the people who own and operate them put their heart and soul into making sure it will be worth your trip!

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